Outdoor Run

Active Recovery

  • 6:00 am, BG: 123
  • 6:28 am, BG: 131, Start run
  • 7:01 am, BG: 128, End run, 0.5 U correction/Pre-bolus
  • 7:30 am, BG: 120, 30 Minutes Post Workout

The past two days of workouts have my legs pretty sore. If I hadn’t committed to this streak, today would have been a rest day. Since there are #NoDaysOff, I did some junk miles to keep the streak alive and get the blood flowing. Marty and Miles tagged along and Miles was a pain in the butt because it was trash day and he wanted to stop and sniff everything. He had fun though!

BGs were steady during my run today. I let the dawn phenomenon do it’s thing and I did mine. After the run, I had a feeling my BGs would start to rise rapidly again so I gave myself a quick correction to try to keep that in check and get some insulin moving before breakfast. Now off to get some work done before a long weekend! #NoDaysOff might apply to training but occasionally, I’ll take a day or two off from my job. 🙂

Since I didn’t have time to blog about it, this was yesterday’s workout in case you’re interested.

  • 11 miles on the bike
  • 3 x the following (N&D):
    • 5 pull ups
    • 10 push ups
  • 3 x the following:
    • 15 Squat to press
    • 15 Incline push ups
    • 15 Shoulder press
    • 15 Lateral raise
    • 15 Front raise
    • 10 Bent over rows
  • 4 x the following:
    • 60 second Stir the pot with ball
    • 10 Heels to heaven
This week’s pull up video…finally got a bar in the house and it’s already paying off!

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