Outdoor LSD Run

(Long Slow Distance)

  • 6:58 am, BG: 147, Start temp target
  • 7:22 am, BG: 139, Start run
    • 13.18 mile run, slow sips of ~18g carbs throughout
  • 9:22 am, BG: 110, End temp target
  • 9:36 am, BG: 105, End run
  • 9:54 am, BG: 110, 3.45 U pre-bolus for breakfast*
  • 10:04 am, BG: 123, 1.1 U pre-bolus for breakfast
  • 10:06 am, BG: 123, 30 Minutes Post Workout

I’m going to be honest, I was kind of dreading doing a long run when I woke up this morning. My legs felt heavy the past few runs and there is not much worse than feeling that way on a longer run. Since I made a commitment to do at least one long run or ride per week, I laced up my shoes and tried to keep an open mind. Well today happened to be one of those days were it just flowed. I didn’t run particularly fast but I had planned on running 10-12 miles and when I got to mile 6, I was feeling so good that I decided to tack on a little extra** and get a half marathon (13.1 miles) in today. The weather was beautiful and the trails weren’t crowded. The first half of my run I listened to Des Linden on the I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein podcast. The podcast was a new one for me but I love hearing Des talk about running and life. The second half of the run was more meditative, just listening to my own breathing and the rhythmic sound of my feet hitting the ground. It was a perfect chilly spring morning, the sun was out and I felt like I could just run forever.

BGs were great again during my run today! I set my temp target and sipped on tailwind any time my BG seemed to be trending down. When I was about 3 miles from home, I stopped drinking the tailwind to try to avoid a post run spike. Then when I was a mile out, I ended my temp target. My BGs did start to climb a bit post-run anyway but I gave myself a nice big pre-bolus for Easter breakfast which also stopped the rise in it’s tracks. Happy Easter Everyone!!

*If this seems like and odd amount, it is. In the middle of my pre-bolus, I got an “insulin flow blocked” notice from my pump and had to change my whole infusion set before finishing my bolus a few minutes later.

**Carrying extra fuel gave me the flexibility to run as long as I felt like running. There is definitely a benefit to carrying extra fuel

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