Outdoor Run


  • 7:19 am, BG: 85, Start temp target
  • 8:11 am, BG: 148, Start run
    • 9:11 am, BG: 147, End temp target @ mile 6
    • 9:37 am, BG: 173, 0.3 U correction @ mile 8
    • 9:46 am, BG: 185, 0.2 U correction @ mile 9
  • 9:52 am, BG: 177, End run
  • 10:05 am, BG: 161, Start Walk, 0.6 U correction/Pre-bolus
  • 10:10 am, BG: 149, End Walk, 1.1 U Pre-bolus
  • 10:40 am, BG: 90, 30 Minutes Post Workout/walk, 20g carbs

It was a beautiful day for a long run today! Cool, sunny, not too windy, seriously, get out there if you can! The first half of my run felt pretty good today but I was definitely feeling yesterday’s workout on the second half.

BGs were steady-ish, a bit high and fueled 100% by the dawn phenomenon on my run today. This is pretty strange for me on a long slow distance run, normally, even with a temp target, I need some type of carb by mile 4 or 5. Today at mile 5, I saw my BGs were hanging really steadily in the 140s. Then at mile 6, I noticed they were starting to creep up so I cancelled my temp target. Then towards the end of my run, I did a couple bolus corrections. According to my CGM, I went out of range for about 5 minutes. Not the end of the world but still a little frustrating. My BGs were finally trending back down by the time I ended my run. When I got home, Miles had the zoomies and I knew he needed a walk. I took him for a quick one and pre-bolused breakfast which included coffee with Vega protein and beets*.

*This probably seems like a strange breakfast but I love beets and they are a great recovery food! I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on them to make them feel more like “breakfast”, soooo good!

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