Outdoor Run

Hill Repeats

  • 7:45 am, BG: 106, Set temp target
  • 8:27 am, BG: 118, Start run, 2g carbs
    • 8:45 am, BG: 113, 2g carbs @ ~mile 2
    • 9:18 am, BG: 85, End temp target, 2g carbs, @ ~mile 4
  • 9:28 am, BG: 80, End run
  • 9:34 am, BG: 81, Set basal to 150%
  • 9:58 am, BG: 91, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Today I didn’t really know what I was going to do for my workout when I woke up. It was raining and windy outside but I really didn’t feel like cycling. I decided to run, but then wasn’t sure how far to go. Luckily, Marty came up with the brilliant idea* of doing hill repeats today, so that’s what we did. I threw on my #TheDropSpotted hat and rain jacket and headed out the door. We ran about a mile to Marty’s favorite hill, did I-don’t-know-how-many repeats and then took the mile home as a cool down. It was fun chasing my “white rabbit” up the hill today though. Maybe one day I’ll catch him!

For my BG management today, I set a temp target about 45 minutes before the run. I didn’t anticipate a hug dawn phenomenon effect, if any because Marty and I had a couple of drinks with our early dinner yesterday. I also experimented with some new fuel/carbs today** but had gummies on hand too just in case. More experimentation is needed before I decide if I’ll keep using it or not but it worked out very nicely for my blood sugars today and I didn’t touch the gummies. Since I anticipated a slow rise after my run, I decided to increase my basal for a bit instead of doing a bolus to correct it. This is another strategy I’ve been experimenting with recently that I like a lot, especially for dealing with a delayed protein spike hours after a meal.

I didn’t get an opportunity to post yesterday but I did my sensor change in the morning and went out for a solo fun run. I felt surprisingly fresh considering my workout on Friday. It was a beautiful day and a ton of fun so I had to share my garmin screen for my last 4 mile run of the streak. On to 5 mile days, wish me luck!

*Note the sarcasm, I hate hills! :p On the other hand, “hills build character”!

**I did test how it would effect my BGs under non-exercise circumstances prior to using it during a workout.

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