“Practice is designed not to make us turn inward, practice is designed to wake us up. And when you wake up, what you wake up to is the whole array of your life. You wake up to joy and you also wake up to sadness. You become more intimate with states of peace and you become more intimate with anxiety. The more free you are, the more you will feel other people’s pain and as this goes on over time, the only way to reconcile it is to roll up your sleeves and go to work and serve.”

-Michael Stone
  • 8:46 am,   BG: 86, Start class
    • ~9:30 am, 4g carbs
  • 9:40 am,   BG: 79, End class
  • 10:13 am, BG: 110, ~30 Minutes Post Workout

After yesterday’s rest day I’m feeling a bit out of sorts. Kind of like an addict going through withdrawal. I keep having this ‘I could go for a quick run. Just a short easy one.’ kind of feeling. I know my body needs some real rest though so yesterday I did a little walking and today I decided to do some yoga*. After all of the running, biking and strength training, you might think yoga is no big deal but let me tell you it was rough. I have not been doing much for my flexibility or mobility recently and it showed! Not to mention, I kept cramping up throughout. After my yoga session I took a nice long Epsom salt bath to get some magnesium in my system and I’m going to try to make a point to stretch some more tonight and over the coming days. I truly believe in a everything in balance approach to my health and most things in life. When I swing too far in one direction (like with my recent streak), I try to be mindful about putting more focus on the things I’ve been neglecting.

The nice thing about yoga is it tends to not have much of an impact on my blood sugar (most of the time). If you look at my Garmin stats, you can see my heart rate stayed pretty low for most of it and averaged right around where it would normally be if I’m awake and just going about my day. Because of this, I almost never make adjustments to basal or food for this type of workout. You can see from my trend line that I woke up pretty high (172) because I slept in this morning (thanks dawn phenomenon!) and in my experience, automode just doesn’t handle that well without my intervention. So I corrected and watched it slowly normalize this morning. At the end of my yoga class, I saw I hit the 70s, which is fine but since I was still trending down, I had four garlic stuffed olives (~2 g carbs) to stabilize things until breakfast. I was 110 30 mins later, so overall very happy with my blood sugar this morning! Happy Saturday!

*This was the yoga session we did this morning in case you’re interested. Rachel Meyer has some good stuff!!

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