Outdoor Run


“Hills build character”

  • 6:27 am, BG: 159, Start walk
  • 6:54 am, BG: 150, End walk
  • 8:29 am, BG: 145, Start run
  • 9:03 am, BG: 115, End run
  • 9:23 am, BG: 98, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Nothing to mess with today! No carbs, no change in basal, no bolus insulin. Just timing!

This morning I knew I wanted to go for a run but I didn’t know what kind of run I wanted to do. I looked at my oura ring screen app and it told me “If you’re up for it, today can be a good day for your favorite workout”. If you haven’t figured out that I’ve got a few screws loose, you’ll know that I do when I tell you my mind thought, “Favorite? Nah, let’s do my least favorite today” and for me, that means one thing…hills.

Some say “hills don’t build character, they reveal it” but I respectfully disagree. Training your mind to repeatedly do something that you dislike because you know you’ll be better for it absolutely builds character. Whether it’s hills, diabetes or anything else in life, mental toughness is just as important, if not more important than physical toughness.

Similar to last weekend, Marty and I wanted to have our pre-workout coffee together but the dawn phenomenon was raging again this morning. I was already at 139 and rising quickly when I woke up and although my pump was trying to give me extra basal and I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink, it kept rising anyway. So we took Miles for a nice long walk to bring my BGs down to a better place. This is exactly why I strongly recommend morning workouts for T1 athletes. Even something as simple as walking can be good for your health in so many ways!

After our walk, we had our coffee* and a little later, I went out for my run. Since my BGs were rising again, I didn’t reduce basal or eat anything before I ran. After running a few hills, I noticed a car slowly pulling up along side of me. It turned out to be my mom on her way back from her grocery store (she lives nearby). She rolled down her window and drove slowly along side of me for a bit as I was running and we chatted. One of my favorite things to do when I run is socialize, so it was a welcome distraction from how much pain I was in running uphill this morning**. I’m sure my neighbors now know I’m nuts too (the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree) but it was just too much fun to pass up.

I ended up with a bit over a 5k which is pretty short for a hill workout but considering I did intervals with Marty again two days ago, I was good with that. Since I didn’t have a specific distance in mind, I just ran until my BGs came down to a more reasonable place, without sending them too low. When I’m doing an unspecified distance, “let’s see how my blood sugar reacts” kind of run, I always leave a little room for a post-workout dip (if I haven’t eaten) since that is common for endurance/cardio training.

*I almost always drink mine black and it seems to have little effect on my BGs. Caffeine can effect BGs though so be mindful of how that may effect you.

**I guess I’ll have to work on my mental toughness another day! It was worth it for the good conversation and company!

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