6/9/2020-Diaversary Run

Field & Trail Run


  • 2:44 am, BG: 127, 0.5 U correction
  • 3:14 am, BG: 132, Start 60 min temp target
  • 4:38 am, BG: 120, Start 60 min temp target
  • 5:14 am, BG: 126, Start run
    • ~3g carbs @ mile 2
    • ~6g carbs @ mile 3
    • 0.6 U correction @ mile 5
  • 6:25 am, BG: 145, End run, 0.3 U correction
    • 6:35 am, 1.5 U Pre-bolus
    • 6:45 am, 1.5 U Pre-bolus
  • 6:55 am, BG: 164, Start walk
  • 7:05 am, BG: 163, End walk
  • 7:35 am, BG: 108, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Happy 3 year diaversary* to me! That’s 3 years of surviving and thriving, which is a cause for celebration in my book! Truly, I now appreciate this day even more than my birthday. Over the years, Marty and I have started marking this day as a time for reflection, gratitude and celebration!

We have a full day of little moments planned to celebrate the occasion and to kick it off, we started with a 6+mile run together. We ran from the house to one of our favorite, hilly parts of the park. Miles stayed home since there is no sidewalk and the the road to get there is narrow and winding. We had a blast watching the sun come up and running together!

“Be grateful that you can!”

Martin Nat
(Just before running up our last monster of a hill today)

So I messed up this morning (which you can see on my pump graphs). I had a rise alert wake me up just before 3:00 am and in my sleepy state, gave myself a correction without thinking that I would still have active insulin onboard by the time I went running. Whoops! I decided to set my alarm for 30 minutes later to check on it and set a temp target to reduce the amount of basal that would be peaking on my run. I got up to prep for my run and saw that my numbers were still steadily trending down. I set another 60 min temp target about 30 mins before my run and scheduled it to end part of the way through my run.

Since I wasn’t 100% sure how the active insulin onboard, the dawn phenomenon, and my reduced basal was all going to hit, I made sure to take extra emergency food on my run today. I had planned on running about 6 miles or so but I let Marty plan the route. Now if you don’t know my husband, 6 miles might mean 6, or 6.5 or 7, because those are all “about 6” to him (and no, it’s never less than 6). When we were about 2 miles in, I saw I was slowly trending down. I knew I had at least 4 more to go so I had a gummy. At mile 3 I was still trending down so I had two more and figured I could always correct later if I overdid it. Which is exactly what happened! After watching the trend line go up a bit, and knowing I was a bit over a mile from home, I corrected for part of my carbs at mile 5 and corrected for the rest as soon as I got back.

One of the celebratory things we had planned was a special breakfast of some of my favorite treats. We had bacon, scrapple and soft boiled eggs over my low carb garlic biscuits (I’ll get you the recipe soon)! It was so good, I didn’t even stop for one second to think about taking a photo. Knowing that was going to be a heavy carb (30g), protein (50g) and fat (80g) meal, I really wanted my BGs in a good spot and trending down before eating. Since I was spiking high after my run, Miles and I decided to go for a walk to help my pre-boluses along**. It worked out very nicely! I came down quickly and stabilized around 100 while/after eating. Well, I’m off to celebrate, reflect and appreciate this journey we call life! Hope your day is as good as mine!

*”Diaversary” is the anniversary of my Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis

**I joke all the time telling him he is my “insulin booster” or that he “lowers my blood sugar just as much as my insulin does”. He isn’t technically a diabetic support dog but he might as well be! 😉

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