6/23/2020- Run + Yoga

Shakeout Run

& Stretch

  • 6:10 am, BG: 118, Start run
  • 6:20 am, BG: 123, End Run, Automode exit & 0.6 U Correction
  • 6:24 am, BG: 123, Start yoga
    • 6:40 am, BG: 113, Automode start
  • 6:44 am, BG: 113, End yoga
  • 7:15 am, BG: 95, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Today I was feeling a bit sore from my workout on Monday* but I knew I needed to do something to get the blood flowing a bit. I landed on a quick shakeout run and yoga. It was great, quick and exactly what my body needed this morning. I really felt the damage I did yesterday while stretching but you have to break the muscles down in order to build them back up. It was definitely what I would consider “good pain” (as opposed to “injury pain”).

Since it was a quick workout, my BG management was pretty simple. No food during the workout at all, it was completely fueled by the dawn phenomenon. I let automode pretty much do it’s thing. I did take it out of automode** and gave myself a correction post run I also left it out of automode for a few minutes to make sure it didn’t stop my basal too soon. I had my quarterly endocrinologist visit and a bunch of meetings scheduled this morning so I put it back in automode pretty quickly since I didn’t want to have to micromanage anything this morning. That is the benefit of automode is it will keep me in pretty decent range even if I go mostly hands off.

*Monday: Bert…see photo below for workout. This was a great body weight workout if you don’t have any equipment. Also the WOD_roulette Instagram account has some fun stuff if you want to check it out!

**Since I was close to 120 (automode’s target BG) and trending down, it would have stopped my basal insulin and caused a rise after my run. It’s all about timing!

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