7/7/2020- Run

Quick Mile

with Miles

  • 7:09 am, BG: 126, Start run
  • 7:19 am, BG: 135, End run
  • 7:33 am, BG: 143, 2.1 U correction
  • 7:49 am, BG: 151, 30 Minutes Post Workout
  • 8:19 am, BG: 137, 60 Minutes Post Workout

So with my minimal number of daily workout posts recently, I feel like it’s time I mention why I’ve been too busy to post (but not too busy to workout, of course). Marty and I are moving to a new state. The past few weeks have been full of finishing up our responsibilities for our current jobs, selling our house, making arrangements for living in our new town, and packing, of course. This means quick, intense workouts because they are efficient and don’t take a ton of time. Today, that meant taking Miles for a quick one mile run. We’ll also go on walks throughout the day to keep him occupied and burn some energy.

Since it was just a quick run, I didn’t do anything special to manage my blood sugar. The run today wasn’t even enough to knock back the dawn phenomenon. When I continued to spike post-run, I gave myself a nice sized correction and breakfast pre-bolus. The game plan recently has been, “let automode handle it” so I can focus on more pressing priorities. This means I’m running a bit higher than normal, closer to averaging 120. I’ll be interested to see how these few week effect my next A1c! It’s not perfect technology but when it works, it sure can come in handy! There is definitely a benefit to being able to focus my attention on other things and allow my pump to keep me in range. đŸ™‚

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