Martin’s Run for Type 1

If you’ve been following along my stream of consciousness that I document on this site, you know that the leading man in my life film is Marty*. He is my biggest supporter, my coach, my photographer, my check and balance, my everything. If you’ve met either of us, it’s easy to tell we’re dreamers**. We look to the horizon and imagine the world that could be.  Call it rose colored glasses or optimism or whatever you like but I’ll take that over dwelling on the negatives any day. We imagine a future where our families, friends, communities and the world are safe and healthy. 

We imagine a world without diabetes!

With that in mind, I’m going to take a break from my normal posts this week to let you all know about a really amazing thing that Marty decided to do.

On August 8th 2020, Marty is going to take on a solo run across Luzerne County, PA in an effort to raise money which will be donated to This run will take him along a challenging and hilly 55+ mile course through northern Pennsylvania. When people ask me why I do the crazy athletic thing I do, often my response is that “I’m just trying to keep up with my husband!”. In this case, I’m not even going to try to keep up. Instead, I’ll have the opportunity to support him the way he has always supported me as I “crew and coordinate” the run. I’ll share a “race report”, minus the blood sugar tracking, after it is complete but feel free to check out my social media pages for real time updates as he is running. 

Marty is really excited to take this on and I’m really excited to share it with you all. If you would like to donate or share with your friends, the link for his JDRF donation page is below! Otherwise, feel free to follow along on our adventure! Raising awareness about this invisible disease is just as important as far as I’m concerned.  

Link to donate

Stay Strong Diabuddies!!

*Want to learn more about Marty? Check out my post about him here, or his guest post on what it is like to be a T1 spouse here, or the newspaper article about his run here! Also check out some of my favorite photos of him below, just for fun!

**My “Favorite Mother In Law [FMIL]” (my nickname for Marty’s mom) even calls me “Jenny Joy” because I am so optimistic most of the time.

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