8/15/2020- Run

Lake Run

(and then some)

  • 7:59 am, BG 116, 5g carb
  • 8:39 am, BG 127,Set temp target
  • 9:19 am, BG 113
  • 9:45 am, BG: 139, Start run
    • Mile 2, 2g carb
    • Mile 2.5, 2g carb, 5 pull ups
    • Mile 4, 4g carb
    • Mile 5, 5g carb
    • Mile 6.5, 5g carb
    • Mile 7.5, 2g carb, 5 pull ups
    • Mile 8, End temp target
    • Mile 8.5, 0.4 U correction
  • 11:44 am, BG: 97, End run
  • 12:05 am, BG: 122, 1.6 U Pre-bolus for breakfast
  • 12:14 am, BG: 128, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Last night, Marty and I decided to have a bit of wine with dinner. It was delicious but this morning when I woke up, the alcohol counteracted the dawn phenomenon so I needed to fuel my run with more carbs than usual. We started our morning by taking Miles to the lake to chase the ducks (his new favorite thing) and wear him out so he would sleep while we ran. When we got back, my BGs were trending down despite setting a temp target so I had about 5g of carbs in the form of NUUNs hydration. When my BGs finally started trending up, Marty and I headed out the door. He ran with me today but since I’m much slower than him*, he spontaneously ran ahead and ran back to me at his pace throughout the run. It’s only been a week since Martin’s Run and he is already doing speed work. It’s sickening! :p

Today was a decent run but it was already hot by the time we left. I felt great for most of it even though my pacing was all over the place. About 2.5 miles in, Marty suggested we stop at a local park mid-run to get some pull ups in. I was irritated. This was the last thing I wanted to do and I had some choice words for Marty for suggesting it. I’ve been slacking on the pull ups since we moved so I knew I had to toughen up and get them done. Since the route was an out and back, I made sure to get them done again on the way back. Once I hit mile 8, I died. My legs just didn’t want to run anymore and the heat was getting to me. The last two miles were slow and painful but I got them done so I’ll take it. If nothing else, the company was good and Marty encouraged me to push harder than I otherwise would have. I just need to remember that I always have more to give than what my mind is telling me! The mental battle is so much harder than the physical one most days.

My BG management was fine once I started running. Just a few jelly beans along the way. When I stopped for the pull ups at mile 7.5, I had two jelly beans** that even in the moment I knew I could do without. Since I would rather go high than low so I ate them anyway. Almost immediately after eating them, before they even had a chance to take effect, my BGs started rising. Since I knew I would be done running soon, I ended my temp target and shortly after, gave myself a correction as well. As predicted, my BGs started to spike post run so I gave myself a nice sized pre-bolus for my low carb breakfast as well. All in all, not a bad day!

*Yes, even after his 60 mile run last Saturday, he is much faster than I am.

**Black licorice, my favorite!

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