8/23/2020 – Run

Hard Effort Run

& Lake Fun

  • 7:30 am, BG 125, 1g carb
  • 8:08 am, BG: 128, Start run
    • Mile 2.75, 3g carb
  • 8:53 am, BG: 100, End run
  • 9:23 am, BG: 99, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning my coach tasked me with a 5 mile run as a “hard effort”. Not race pace but he told me to “put in the work today”. So I went out today with that in mind. The first mile or two was kind of a blur and I was just focusing on feeling good. Just after my halfway point, I “carbed up” and decided to kick it up a notch. The last mile before home has about a quarter mile downhill that leads right into a quarter mile hill. I focused on running that well and then kicked it in hard for he last half mile. When I got home, I got Miles and we took a trip to the lake and dog park. Amazingly, there was no one in the water when we got there other than a bunch of ducks. He LOVES chasing the ducks so I let him off leash to chase them in the water. I could watch him swim after them all day! I followed him into the water, which is where I took my 30 min post-run picture*. After that we dried off running around the dog park. One of the park employees, came by and we started chatting. “Is that the dog that is always swimming in the lake?” she asked me. “Sure is!” I told her. Pretty crazy to think only a few weeks ago, Miles was a little scared of the water!

So I made a mistake this morning in terms of my BG management, but it really ended up working well. Marty and I had a small cup of coffee together before I ran today. Normally, I drink mine black and he has a little half & half. I was tired this morning and accidentally poured the half & half in my mug. Instead of dumping it, I had my coffee “Marty style”, so I had about 1g carb and 3g of fat before my run today. Interesting how my line was super smooth today. That little bit of fat really seemed to keep things steady. More testing needed but it didn’t upset my stomach and I had great BGs today. I may have to have my coffee “Marty style” more often!

Speaking of BG management, the lake trip today was pre-planned, not spontaneous. Often I find that playing in the lake with Miles will lower my blood sugar. Since I wanted to go right after my run, I had one more jelly bean than I would have otherwise, just to make sure I wouldn’t go low in the lake. Three seemed to do the trick (green apple today) and I felt great on my run and after. A happy Sunday for a happy diabetic! Hope yours is just as good!

*I was wearing my tracksmith sports bra with the built in pocket. So handy! It fits my pump, emergency food, car keys and phone. Pockets are definitely underrated! Pretty fun to take some pictures from the middle of the lake. 🙂 Ps. Thanks Sam!!!

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