10/18/2020 – Run

Tour the Town & Trail Run

& sweets for breakfast!

  • 6:59 am, SG 226, Start Walk
  • 7:43 am, SG 170, End Walk
  • 7:53 am, SG 169, Start Temp Target
  • 8:32 am, SG 167, Start Run
    • Mile 1, 4g carb
    • Mile 2.5, 8g carb
    • Mile 3.5, 4g carb
    • Mile 4.75, 8g carb
    • Mile 5.25, 8g carb
    • 9:45 am, SG 85, End Temp Target ~Mile 6
    • 9:55 am, SG 95, 0.5 U Pre-bolus ~Mile 7
    • 10:02 am, SG 106, 0.5 U Pre-bolus ~Mile 8
  • 10:25 am, SG: 84, End run
    • 10:35 am, 6.1 U Pre-bolus for breakfast
  • 10:52 am, BG: 86, SG: 78 ~30 Minutes Post Workout
    • 10:53 am, BG 86, maybe 60ish? carbs, (Pumpkin scones & pumpkin coffee!)

Today I slept in a bit which turned out to be a mistake. I must have slept through some pump alarms because by the time I woke up, my BG was already over 200 (and had been for some time). Luckily, Miles is always down for a good long walk. Miles and I walked until my BG came down, which took about 2 miles. It was a beautiful, crisp fall morning in central New York so when Miles and I got back, Marty and I decided to run together and enjoy the lovely weather. Before we left, we had half a cup of coffee and planned our route. There is a beautiful short trail nearby that we recently found so we decided to run through town to the trail head, run the trail, run down to the lake and then back through town to our home. Since Marty and I don’t run the same pace (he is much faster), he sprinted ahead every once in a while and then ran back to me to “recover” and run at my pace. It makes for a nice relaxed run for me and serious intervals for him. I ended up with 10 miles and he ran 11.25 miles by the time we got home (just to give you an idea of how much faster than me he actually is).

There were lots of things to consider with my BG management this morning so bear with me here. I wanted to have coffee, run and then have a pumpkin scone with pumpkin coffee for breakfast* and when I woke up, the Dawn Phenomenon was kicking my butt! I didn’t want any active insulin on my run, I wanted it to be leisurely and enjoyable** and Marty was still sleeping so a walk with Miles was the perfect solution to my dawn phenomenon problem. Since I knew I wanted to go for a longer run, I knew I would also need to set a temp target/reduced basal and have some carbs during the run. Afterwards, I knew that I would need some basal and active insulin working before I ate breakfast and a large bolus for an extra carby one.

To manage all of this, I had some extra carbs a bit earlier in my run than I normally would. This allowed me to avoid a low at the end of my run, while ending my temp target a bit after the half way point and pre-bolus twice for breakfast while I was still running***. This can be a dangerous thing to do and I wouldn’t recommend it if you are new to running, new to diabetes or new to running with diabetes. I don’t ever do this unless I have enough extra carbs on me while running to cover my per-bolus and then some in case I miscalculate/mistime something or my BGs do something unexpected. Safety first! Today, it mostly worked out and even though I dipped into the 60s before the scone carbs kicked in, I topped out at 144 after the spike. Not too shabby****! Happy Sunday and Go Birds!!

*There is an awesome bakery nearby that makes these. This was definitely a special occasion kind of treat!

**Sunday long runs are supposed to be fun and I don’t find running to bring my blood sugar down to be relaxing or fun.

***Pre-bolusing is huge for managing blood sugar and absolutely critical for anything with a lot of high GI carbs.

****After a high carb anything where I’m guessing on the carb count, I bump and nudge with insulin and lower carb healthier snacks to avoid going too high or low in the following hours. Today that included some cottage cheese, celery and a little bit of popcorn. Automode can help here too, when it works. 🙂 It is a whole lot of work and monitoring for a small treat. This is why most of the time, I stick to a low carb diet. Also, when I do have a high carb treat, I do it early in the day so it doesn’t mess with my sleep.

With the new job, the new business, house hunting and hosting friends and family, I haven’t had a ton of time to blog about my workouts recently. Sorry about that! It doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out though! It’s a bit disheartening that most races are still cancelled but maintaining functional strength and overall heath isn’t any less important in a pandemic. If you fall off the wagon or miss a day, get back up and get on it. You don’t fail until you stop trying! Stay strong diabuddies!

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