11/22/2020 – Run

Mid-distance Fun Run

Hilly and snowy run to clear my mind

  • 8:57 am, SG 127, Start Temp Target
  • 10:04 am, SG 123, Start Run, 6g carb
    • 10:45 am, SG 169, End Temp Target
  • 11:25 am, SG: 161, End Run, 0.5 U pre-bolus
    • 11:35 am, SG, 118, 9g protein
  • 11:55 am, SG 118, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Marty and I have been pretty lucky to check off a few big things off our bucket list this year* but recently it got us wondering “What’s next?”. After some discussion and reflection, I realized I’m going to have to find a way to get four more marathons done in the next two years if I want to stay on track to finish 20 marathons in 10 years. When the pandemic started, I swore off virtual races (they just aren’t my thing) because I wanted to achieve my goal only finishing “real races”. If you’ve been following along for a while, you might recall that I was supposed to do a race back in March that got pushed back, went virtual and then I deferred to run it in 2021. Well my friends, we are about 17 weeks out** from race day already and since I haven’t been doing too many long runs recently, I decided it was a good time to start marathon training again. Marty has some bigger goals but more on that to come in future post!

So my husband/coach created a training plan for me for the race and today I had an option. 90 min run, 8 mile run or 90 min hike with the pup. I prefer to run for distance than time*** so I went out for 8 miles. The course was a bit hilly today and I “cheated” and listened to some music today. The temperature was hanging just around freezing, which is great for running and it even started to snow a little for my last two miles. I felt good while running and it felt like I blinked and it was over. You know that feeling when you drive somewhere and arrive without remembering the ride? That was my run today.

For my blood sugar management, it was super simple today. Not my best line but still 100% in range so I’ll take it. I woke up late at night to prevent a low (which I did catch in time, luckily) but waking up jacked my sleep up a bit so I slept in this morning. I felt pretty awful when I finally got up, but surprisingly, my blood sugar was behaving so I leisurely sipped my coffee, set my temp target, and moseyed around the apartment getting ready to run. As I was getting ready, I realized I was almost out of running fuel/emergency food (guess I’m going to the store today). I did happen to stumble upon some mints and jolly ranchers so I figured that would do.

When I started running, I popped a jolly rancher and that lasted me the whole run. It’s so nice when I get to just run and not have to micromanage BGs. My line wasn’t ideal and looked a bit like my elevation. About half way through, I ended my temp target to get some insulin flowing and then right when I finished, I did a quick breakfast pre-bolus since I was still running higher than I like. Shortly after, I started to drop quickly (before I was ready to eat breakfast) so I had some protein coffee**** to prevent a low. My BGs leveled off nice and steady after that, even with breakfast thrown in the mix. Some days, it feels like you can’t do anything right and then you have days like today and it all balances out! Happy Sunday (and Go Birds!*****).

*Marty ran almost 60 miles to raise money for T1D, we moved to our favorite part of the world, and we started a business!

**Most marathon training plans are 16 weeks long.

***Running for distance means I’m having a good day, I can finish my run faster than if I were running for time and if I’m not, I don’t cut the distance short because I hit a time goal running slowly.There are benefits to training by time too, it’s just generally not my preference.

****Which is just coffee with unflavored collagen powder. It is pure protein but it always gives my BGs a small spike. I love it as a non-carb way to prevent a low.

*****Can’t beat blogging and watching football! E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!

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