Outdoor Run


“When the pain comes to you and it will, make sure you are the person who smiles knowing that THIS IS HOME. Now open your eyes and crush all that comes before you.”

David Goggins
  • 5:30 am, BG: 143
  • 6:05 am, BG: 156, Start run
    • 6:16 am, BG: 139, 3g carbs @ ~mile 1.5
    • 6:37 am, BG: 137, 0.4 U correction, @ ~mile 3
  • 6:55 am, BG: 147, End run, 1.1 U correction/pre-bolus
  • 7:00 am, BG: 148, Suspend basal
  • 7:08 am, BG: 143, Resume basal
  • 7:25 am, BG: 128, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning I got out of bed and was feeling a bit sore. I really didn’t feel like running but I looked at the quote that Marty and I currently have written on a chalkboard in our room (above) and I knew I had to get after it. So even though my legs felt beat, I did my run and tackled some hills.

For my BG management today, I started running without eating anything or adjusting my basal. About a mile and a half into my run, my blood sugar started to drop rapidly, so I had about 3 grams of carbs in the form of a chopped up Quantum energy square*. A few moments later (before the carbs even had a chance to hit) a car nearly hit Miles and scared the crap out of me! If you’ve ever wanted to see what an adrenaline spike** looks like, you can see it on my running graph today. I immediately, dosed for the carbs I already consumed and continued running to help bring my blood sugar back down. After the run, I know I would need even more insulin to correct and I would want to eat soon, so I did a nice sized pre-bolus for breakfast, which I had about 45 minutes later, once the insulin was really kicking in.

I didn’t get an opportunity to post yesterday but I went for an active recovery run through the woods with my boys and stopped to snap a few photos. They aren’t as good as Marty’s but hopefully you can forgive my amateur attempt at photography!

*This is newish running fuel for me, that I like so far. It doesn’t spike blood sugar too rapidly (but it does raise my blood sugar) and the fat/protein in it seem to keep the rise I get pretty steady over a longer time frame (compared to gummies which give me a faster rise and a faster crash) which is a good thing on a run. I’ve been cutting them into small pieces to easily microdose the carbs. 1 bar (21g carb), cut into 16 squares is about 1.3g of carb each.

**If you didn’t already know that stress/anger can raise your blood sugar, it’s definitely something to pay attention to.

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