9/2/2020 – Run

Track Run & BG Fail

Some days you do everything “right” and it doesn’t matter!

  • 5:03 am, BG 166, Start run
    • 5:08 am, BG 170, 0.3 U correction
    • 5:19 am, BG 184, 0.3 U correction
    • 5:23 am, BG 192, 0.1 U correction
    • 5:35 am, BG 197, 1.4 U correction
  • 5:37 am, BG: 194, End run
    • 5:53 am, BG 206, 0.5 U correction, Automode Exit
    • 5:58 am, BG 208, 2.2 U correction/Pre-bolus, Automode Exit
  • 6:07 am, BG: 216, 30 Minutes Post Workout, 0.5 U correction
  • 6:32 am, BG: 174, 60 Minutes Post Workout

Often I hear other diabetics shrug and say “that’s diabetes”. Usually, what they mean is ‘there is nothing I can do to control my blood sugar’. I believe there is a lot you can do but I have to admit, that no matter how good you are at managing, there will always be a wonky situation every once in a while. Today the dawn phenomenon hit me and hit me hard. Since I want to share all of my experiences good, bad and ugly, today we’re going a little ugly.

This morning when I woke up, the dawn phenomenon was already raging but I wanted to do some track work and I try to avoid active insulin onboard for pretty much all of my running. When I finished my warm-up and saw 170, I knew I would need more than just running to bring down my BGs this morning so I let automode dictate my correction and monitored during my workout. As my BGs continued to climb, I continued to do micro-corrections, since I knew I would want to have coffee and breakfast with Marty after my workout and before I went to work.

I knew it would take 20-30 minutes for any of my micro corrections to hit so I was encouraged when I saw my BG go from 197 to 194 at the end of the workout. “The insulin is starting to hit, should be back in range in no time” I thought. Boy was I pissed when I saw 206 a few minutes later. My micro-doses were starting to take effect, I hadn’t eaten anything and my BGs were rising anyway! I gave myself a half a unit correction and then thought about what I wanted to eat for breakfast and gave myself a nice pre-bolus. Then after I showered, I gave myself another half a unit for good measure, knowing I could “catch it with food” before I went low two hours from then (which I did) when all of the insulin was peaking. Topped out at 216 this morning and was out of range for about 75 minutes but got it back and had a nice day after that.

Oh yea, the run itself was nice too! I was done before the sun came up which was fun. I admittedly felt like sludge due to my high blood sugar and there was a pretty strong headwind but I got it done and was able to conquer the rest of the day. Hope your BGs are more like the second half of my day as opposed to my morning! Happy hump day friends!

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