Outdoor Run

Active Recovery

  • 5:25 am, BG: 120
  • 5:55 am, BG: 115, Start run, 3 gummies
    • 6:05 am, BG: 108, 2 gummies @ ~mile 1
    • 6:16 am, BG: 101, 1 gummies @ ~mile 2
    • 6:29 am, BG: 100, 1.1 U correction @ ~mile 3
  • 6:40 am, BG: 100, End run
  • 7:10 am, BG: 109, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Today it definitely took some manipulation but I had great numbers on my run today. I woke up and had great overnight numbers in automode. This also meant I had a bit more basal running in my system this morning and since the dawn phenomenon hadn’t started to hit, I had a few gummies to start my run and a few more on the run. Around the last mile, I was my BGs go from 97 to 100 so I gave myself a correction to cover all of the carbs I had (so I wouldn’t spike too high post run). If I didn’t have to work this morning, I could have just waited for the dawn phenomenon to hit to start my run so I wouldn’t have needed the carbs. Sometimes our schedules force us to be a bit flexible, creative with our BG management. Either way, we got the run done and the streak continues!

The run itself was nice today. Beautiful temperatures and sunrise! We did stop to take a quick social distance pic with my neighbor’s bush (above) because we thought it was too funny. Our run yesterday was the same route and the same company, except it was shorts weather! Yesterday was full of mixed emotions for us since it was supposed to be the Boston marathon and it would have been the first time Marty would be running it. He’ll still get his chance in September but we took some time yesterday to reflect on everything that he put into training and qualifying for that race. Marty has a really amazing perspective on these things (I aspire to be more like him) so I wanted to share that with you all in the photos below.

What’s your finish line? Or are you working towards something bigger?

Accept the invitation… and kick it in the fucking teeth!

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