8/3/2020- Run + Abs

Shake out run

+ Abs

  • 4:31 am, SG: 96, Start Abs
    • 5 x the following, 30 sec rest after each round
      • 30 sec Boat in & out – Left/center/right
      • 30 sec Crunches
      • 30 sec Incline atomic mountain climbers
      • 30 sec Boat in & out – Up/down
      • 30 sec Decline mountain climbers
    • Plank to fail (after 5th round)
  • 4:48 am, SG: 98, End Abs
  • 5:16 am, SG: 108, Start run
    • Mile 1.8, 1g carb
  • 5:55 am, SG: 65/ BG: 70, End run
  • 6:25 am, SG: 77, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning on the training plan I had a 30-45 min shake out run and abs scheduled. The dawn phenomenon wasn’t hitting hard when I woke up, so I decided to do my abs first since that generally has very little impact on my blood sugar. Then I got ready to run, made a pot of coffee so that it would be ready post run and headed out the door. The sun wasn’t up yet so I took my chest light along, which I forgot to charge. Whoops! It died about half way into my run. Even though it was still dark and I was just running along the side of the road, our new town is so pretty! It has a lot of old buildings and history which I really appreciate!

As far as blood sugar management goes, I really did nothing for the ab block. For the run, I waited to see a slight dawn phenomenon rise before I left and then monitored on the run. It peaked at 109 so when I saw 108 just before my halfway point, I has a jelly bean to prevent a low. I debated having two but since I knew it would hit hardest after the run and today is sensor change day, I didn’t want a crazy post run spike. I knew it was a slight risk that I would go low but I wasn’t far from home and I had my phone and road ID on me so I decided to chance it*. By the end of my run, my sensor was reading 65 but a blood test showed 70. Not ideal but I felt fine and my BG came up from there so it worked out.

*I’ve got a fair amount of experience running with diabetes and felt pretty comfortable making that judgment call but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re just starting out. It’s better to be safe (high) than sorry when you’re just learning how running/working out will effect your blood sugar. Everyone is a little different so self-experimentation is crucial!

After my long run yesterday, Marty and I decided to “play on the train tracks”. The photos turned out pretty cool so I figured I would share them with you all! 🙂

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